Chipped Keys

Have you gone to get a replacement key for your vehicle and found out that a traditional key copy won’t start your vehicle? Perhaps you’ve went to a big box store or other locksmith and been told they can’t make the key for your vehicle because it has a chipped or transponder key? Most vehicles made from 1997 on up have these chipped or transponder key systems. Don’t worry, we can help you out with this problem. We have been working on these vehicles since they came to market. Our focus has always been on staying up to date with all the latest technology in this field. No locksmiths in this area are as experienced as we are in automotive transponder and key duplication technology. High security keys are also an area that we continue to lead the industry in, having purchased a high security duplication machine before any of our competitors. Our service and equipment have been trusted by local dealerships since 2001. Call us today for any questions you may have on this service and schedule a time to have new keys made for your vehicle.

Puget Sound Locksmith